Technology in Careers

Technology in Careers

Alexis Deckert

Marketing Design Coordinator

US Signal

  • Must be able to maintain and develop websites
  • Must be able to design custom icons and images for websites and web applications
  • Design email newsletter templates
  • For this job, I need to become stronger with the technologies this job requires. I could take a few more technology and web design courses to gain more experience.

Lead Technologist

War Memorial Hospital

  • Need to be familiar with medical technology and machines
  • To apply for this job, I would need education in medical technology. I do not have much of a medical background so I would need to take a lot of classes in the medical field.

Communications Specialist


  • Requires a technical internship
  • Use computers to complete various communications projects and tasks
  • I need to acquire a technical internship before I apply for this job. I’ll be able to find an internship by using an online job search tool.


Shape Corp

  • Monitor and maintain Order/ Forecast screens
  • Have experience with Microsoft applications
  • Use scheduling software
  • I have no experience with scheduling software so I need to familiarize myself with it. Also, I do not know what Order/Forecast screens are so I need to learn how to use those too.

Corporate Communications and Public Relations Specialist


  • Monitor and cultivate online communities and media coverage
  • Use variety of internal, external, and social media communications channels
  • Once I finish my Communications degree and have experience in the field I will be able to do this job. I am good enough with technology to succeed at this job.

Brand Marketing Communications Assistant

Prospect Solutions, Inc.

  • Use computer systems to work on projects dealing with media relations and business communications
  • I have never worked with technology to do these kinds of projects so I would need some training. I also need to finish my Communications degree and maybe minor in marketing to fully succeed at this job.

Marketing Communications Specialist

G.F. Bentley

  • Requires some experience
  • Use technology to research demographics for clients to create strong campaigns for them.
  • I am pretty good at researching but I lack experience. If I could find an entry level job to start out at, I could apply for this job.

Human Resources Generalist

Job Juncture

  • Utilize Human Resources PeopleSoft applications
  • Utilize Taleo, an Application Tracking System
  • Have experience with Microsoft applications
  • I need experience with the Human Resources PeopleSoft applications and Taleo for this job. Taking business administration classes would also make me a strong candidate for this job.

Media Specialist

Meijer, Inc.

  • Develop media strategies
  • Review and analyze new media ideas, concepts, and proposals
  • Requires 3+ years of Media/Advertising experience
  • I currently have no experience in Media/Advertising so I would need to find a different job first. I also need to learn more about media ideas and concepts.

Marketing Associate

Northgate Resorts, LLC,-LLC/jobs/Marketing-Associate-7d8ad75cd4ccda13?q=public+relations

  • Proficiency in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Experience in updating websites and blogs
  • Experience with Microsoft office and Adobe Creative Suite
  • HTML coding experience is a plus
  • I am not super strong in updating websites or HTML coding so I could take some classes to learn more about it. I also need to learn how to use Adobe Creative Suite. I am great with social media and Microsoft office.

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