Future Technology of ArtPrize

Since ArtPrize began seven years ago, the technology used in it has evolved quite a bit. So far, the biggest uses of technology in ArtPrize have been the website and mobile application. Over time, the website and mobile application have been updated and added to in order to make the process of ArtPrize easier for visitors. The website and mobile application both have the ability to allow people to vote for their favorite ArtPrize exhibits. That is how it all started, but now they have additional features that have enhanced the use of both the website and the mobile application. These additional features include listing features, featured lists, routing features, an event guide, an interactive map, and the ArtPrize blog (Woods, 2014). In 2014, over 1,600 lists were created within a few days of the start of ArtPrize (Hunsberger, 2014). People became excited with the new website and mobile application, and the amount of voters could potentially increase with the help of even more additions. With the new additions to the application and website, I think we can expect more additions to them in the future.

At ArtPrize Seven, new events have been created to incorporate more technology into ArtPrize. The events are geared towards technology directly in the art, unlike the website and mobile application, which are tools for the event. ArtPrize Tonight, an event that is broken down into three sections, and occurs after hours of the actual ArtPrize event. (“ArtPrize”). One of the sections of the event is called ArtPrize on Screen. This part of the event uses different sources of technology, such as music, video, and film, to demonstrate artistic uses for technology (“ArtPrize”).

“At ArtPrize, we love technology and we love innovation. We are always looking ahead to see how we can take this event to the next level,” Jonathan Hunsberger, the ArtPrize director of technology, mentioned in his blog (2014). In the future, there are many ways ArtPrize can expand their use of technology, both in the behind-the-scenes tools and the art itself. ArtPrize should continue to update and add on to their website and mobile application because it will increase the interest in voting and attending in future ArtPrize events. People find application updates intriguing, and are more susceptible to use them if there are new features on them. There are also a lot of features that have not been added to the website and mobile application that could be useful to those attending ArtPrize.

It is important that technology continues to be incorporated into ArtPrize in different ways because that is the direction our world is heading. ArtPrize is supposed to inspire people artistically, as well as technologically. Seeing different ways technology can be used will help younger generations spark interest in using technology in new ways in the future. At the rate the world is going, technology will keep increasing and coming up with new inventions. Those inventions can be used artistically. Everyone has a creative side to them, even if they do not realize it. With that being said, someone less creative than others might see a use for technology just by walking around a future ArtPrize. Technology is important in most aspects of our lives, and I think ArtPrize is included in those aspects.


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Pictures from my Personal Experience at ArtPrize Seven





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