Social Media

Before starting CAP 105, I did not know just how much social media could do or how many people it actually influences on a daily basis. I knew the use of social media was growing quickly, but until I researched the actual numbers I had no clue how fast it was growing. In 2010, 48 percent of the population in the US used social media, whereas now in 2015, 73 percent of the US population uses social media (“U.S. population”). Jumping 25 percent in just five short years is a crazy amount.

As a typical teenager, I viewed social media as platforms where I can share posts and pictures of my personal life with friends and family. I could also see what was going on in their lives. Beyond that, social media did not seem to have other uses. Platforms like Facebook had cool features like playing games and taking fun quizzes online, but social media can be used for so much more than fun and games.

I learned that as social media’s use grows, social media itself grows too. Until CAP 115, I did not know social media has all the features that it does. For example, we recently used the website Hootsuite in class. Hootsuite allows people to manage multiple social media accounts from one platform. It also allows users to use message scheduling where they create posts for their accounts and have them sent out at a specific time in the future via Hootsuite. Hootsuite is the leading social media management site with over 20 percent of brands using Twitter as a form of advertisement using the site (“Twitter tools”, 2012). I found it useful with my Twitter account because I discovered Twitter chats and the real use for hashtags. I did not know that Twitter went beyond my friends’ posts and had professional uses.

I am an active twitter user, regularly checking my feed four to five times a day. My uses of Twitter have been for social uses only, but now I know there is more to it. Since my discovery, I have gotten involved in multiple Twitter chats that might help me in my future career. Getting involved in chats and talks will help me network with others in my field. I can also find out the latest news with the new “moments” feed. Twitter’s features will be helpful to me as a regular person but they will also be helpful to businesses. Businesses can start Twitter chats to get a sense of people’s reactions to their brands and get more followers through sharing of tweets. The same concept can be done through Facebook and many other platforms.

Analytics is another thing that never occurred to me when I thought of using social media. On social media I often saw advertisements, but I did not understand what they did for brands or how much information could come from them. Discovering the world of analytics in CAP 115 was eye opening. Who knew how many statistics could be drawn from a click of a button? Social media analytics have changed the advertising and marketing worlds a lot. In 2010, only 14 percent of companies were using social media analytics (Nanji, 2014). In three years, the percentage jumped to 29 percent and is continuing to grow (Nanji, 2014). Brands are using it to track many different aspects of brand management, such as campaign tracking, brand analysis, and product innovation.

From my first thought of social media to now, I have always found social media to be a good thing for society. The only difference between my thoughts then and now is why I think it is a good thing. I thought it was good just because it was great sharing my life with others and seeing what others are up to. Now I know how many ways social media can be incorporated with businesses and the public. This is a good thing because it will advance the marketing and advertising world in the future. Social media will continue to advance itself so we can try new ways of advertising and spreading the word about brands.


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